Just before dawn

  I sleep To block out The dark I fear But you Gently wake me Take my hand Lead me Down Into the cool It is the magic moment Just before dawn When the sky Is no longer black But not yet light Holding Just a promise Of the day To come We stand Watching the horizon Waiting For the splash of colour The spark of hope With you I can wait In the dark Awake Without fear Save Save

The Story of Zoe-Tree

  One day a woman lost a baby. The baby had not yet grown past the size of a large pea but already the woman loved it. The woman wasn’t even sure she wanted a baby, now, so many years after her first and only child, but still she loved it and, yes, of course she wanted it. So it was that tears began to fall when the blood began to flow. The woman carried body-memory, three times over, of[Read more]