Unforeseen uncultivated

  A few people have asked me whether I have flashbacks of the moment I slipped from the cottage dock, dropped the kayak we were lowering into the water, and fell headlong (or rather hand-long) onto it, badly fracturing my radial head. And I don’t. It was too quick and the details are too hazy to recall, let alone replay. But what I have found myself reliving recently are the beautiful days of lakeside holiday that we had before the[Read more]

Just before dawn

  I sleep To block out The dark I fear But you Gently wake me Take my hand Lead me Down Into the cool It is the magic moment Just before dawn When the sky Is no longer black But not yet light Holding Just a promise Of the day To come We stand Watching the horizon Waiting For the splash of colour The spark of hope With you I can wait In the dark Awake Without fear Save Save

Beauty hidden in plain sight

Cold, sharp icicles unexpectedly radiate glory in the winter morning’s sun, transformed from mere frozen water – and sign of the season’s endless cycle of snow, melt, freeze – into a moment of brilliant beauty hidden in plain sight. “Those that have eyes to see…”     Earlier this morning, too, as we tramped our cold toes up the icy street, two unseen birds gave voice to the “call and response” pattern that will be in her music class test[Read more]

Things I wish I’d known sooner about knowing God

It’s always a privilege to get to share my thoughts and experiences with others – whether in a piece of writing or a talk – and always a significant journey for me to find out what it is I have to offer and want to share. This past week was no different as I prepared for and then shared a talk with my church community about “Things I wish I’d known sooner about knowing God.” Any form of sharing yourself often[Read more]

Shape of my days | part two

Almost five months have passed since my first sharing of some end-of-day reflections in free verse; the practice has waxed and waned with the moon during that time; and I find myself wanting to share a few more with you. I am interested by the wide range of topics I choose to write about at day’s end. It may be a happening or just a thought, a moment of joy or of failure, an event that is significant or mundane (or both) that[Read more]

The Evolution of Tatty Bumpkin Soup

This evening I am alone awake at home, pottering in the kitchen with my girl sleeping straight above my head through the low-raftered ceiling. A pot of homemade chicken stock sits waiting to be used, and this time I plan not to wait too long and waste the nutritional gold dust. Though what I want is just to sit and do nothing, now is the time to pull two onions from the beautiful onion braid my friend Karen grew and[Read more]

All Things Bleak and Beautiful {Reflections on Darkness guest post}

This is turning out to be a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong winter, and I was happy to be given the chance to process some of my thoughts and feelings about the season, its challenges and gifts, in my guest post for the Reflections on Darkness blog curated by Brianna Kocka. Happy reading here (and happy winter-surviving!). And to give you a bit of an idea just how much snow is out there right now, the picture above is of my back yard…[Read more]

Advent Two: Waiting with Mary

Well, I didn’t quite manage to get this up yesterday (just as I didn’t quite manage to make my advent wreath until the day after the first Sunday, and we aren’t quite managing to burn down our daily advent candle every day!), but shaking off some of that nasty perfectionism means doing the things I want to do late rather than not at all! So here is another prayer/poem I wrote a few years back after spending time with the story of[Read more]

Advent One: A prayer around the first advent candle

Tomorrow marks the beginning of one of my favourite seasons of the church calendar: advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas. I love the symbolism of light and darkness inherent in this time of year. I love the invitation to long and wait for what is not, held by the promise that it is coming (which is what advent means in the Latin root). I love going out by the river with Amelie and cutting sprigs of evergreen, rosehips[Read more]

Shape of my days | part one

Exactly a month ago today I started a new daily practice (inspired by a poetry reading by Brian Bartlett from his new book of days) which combines both an evening examen prayer and a short piece of writing at the end of every day. It is helping me get out of the rut of not writing, and is also giving me a manageable and energizing way to reflect on my day. I’ve decided to occasionally share a few of these short[Read more]